Freshman Counseling Options

Comprehensive Program

The comprehensive program provides the highest level of support for students and families new to the college admissions process. This program is recommended for students and families who meet any of the following criteria:

We will meet on a monthly basis (or more frequently if needed) and students will follow a custom-made curriculum. Advising services in this package include but are not limited to:

This program is available for students to begin during their junior year. Services will conclude following high school graduation.

Pricing: $4,000*

12-Hour Program

This option is a great match for students who need more limited support with the college admissions process, such as students who are only applying to public universities or less selective colleges, or families who already have extensive knowledge of the admissions process. This is also a good match for students who are extremely organized and will not need any support with task or deadline management. Family will pre-pay for hours at a discounted rate and will be given priority scheduling during the busiest months of the application cycle.

Pricing: $2,000*

*Sliding scale available — please contact us for more information

For more information, or to schedule your first meeting, please Contact PCC.