Freshman Counseling Options

Hourly Consultation

Heather works with students and families on an hourly basis only. The majority of students work with Heather in the junior and senior year of high school, with an occasional sophomore year meeting for students who are ready to begin the process earlier or those with special circumstances.

Each student comes into the process with different needs and work already completed, but typically we start with an initial meeting to do a comprehensive review of the student’s profile, help students with self-discovery and the creation of a college list (or round out an existing list), discuss the application timeline, talk through budget and the financial aid process, and develop a plan of action for the months ahead.

Students (and parent/guardian) will complete several intake questionnaires and/or activities prior to this initial meeting so we can have the most productive conversation possible. Most students then come back to Heather for additional support with refining the college list, completing applications, and drafting essays in the summer or fall of senior year. The typical student will meet with Heather 2-4 times during their application journey.

Pricing: $225 / hour

*Sliding scale pricing available — please contact us for more information

Comprehensive Programs

I am not currently offering any comprehensive college counseling programs but may offer them again for future application cycles.

For more information, or to schedule your first meeting, please Contact PCC.