Freshman Counseling Options

Comprehensive Intro

The starting point of our college work is a comprehensive first meeting. This typically happens between the middle of sophomore year through late junior year, and includes both the student and parent(s)/guardian(s). Families will complete several intakes before the call so we can dive right in.

We will cover the following topics during this intro meeting:

Additionally, students and parents will be granted access to my full suite of tips, templates, and college planning resources which I have developed and updated over the past decade as an independent college counselor. Families will also be added to my student and parent college planning newsletters.

Fee: $800

Hourly Consultation

For some students, the comprehensive intro session is sufficient and families feel confident using my resources to tackle the rest of the college admission process independently. However, many students will come back to me for more targeted support on an hourly basis. Subsequent meetings are usually one-on-one, but parent(s)/guardian(s) are copied on a detailed meeting summary. Here are some of the common areas of follow-up support:

Every student has different needs because every college has different requirements and nuances to their process (which is unfortunately why I have a job), so hourly support gives students and parents the flexibility to decide when and where they need extra help.

I do also support students on an hourly basis only (without the comprehensive intro) if they have very specific, targeted needs. Contact me if you need more limited support!

Pricing: $275 / hour

*Sliding scale pricing available — please contact us for more information

Comprehensive Programs

I am not currently offering any comprehensive college counseling programs but may offer them again for future application cycles.

For more information, or to schedule your first meeting, please Contact PCC.