Private Admissions Counseling

Parry College Counseling helps students and parents in the Seattle area and beyond navigate the college search and application process. Whether you’re a high school student applying for freshman admission, a current college student seeking transfer to another program, or someone who needs general academic advising, we’re here to help.

CMC Campus

Freshman Counseling

Starting to think about college but not sure how to approach the process? We work with students and families as early as 10th grade through high school graduation. From short-term advising on essays and application materials to long-term academic planning, we offer a range of support options for you and your family.

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Transfer Students

Not satisfied with your current college experience and looking to transfer? Overwhelmed and confused by the number of different deadlines and major-specific requirements? My experience working with transfer students in the University of Washington Admissions Office gives me unique insight into the complicated transfer process.

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Hourly Consulting

Want to practice your admissions interview skills? Need to make sure you’re on the right track to apply for graduate programs? Learn more about hourly one-on-one or small group consulting options.

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